Will a lesson benefit a Self Sufficient Rider???

We go to an out of the way spot somewhere near Avon.  The wind is not as strong as forecasted, but he tells my to pump up my 9M anyways.  Out in the water, I pop up a few times, but the wind is light and I think this session is a waste of time.

Then Christo comes out in the water and says, “you want to work on kite loops?”
Terrified of a kite loop, I said no way!  Lets go over back rolls.  I hear this is the most simple trick to execute as a beginner, so that is what I want to try.  Christo stands next to me and takes the board from me.  He tells me to act as if I am going to do a back roll by standing and simply spinning in the water.  My first try was embarrassing.  I spun around, and when I did a complete 360, the lines were crossed and I went to move the kite but my kite slammed into the water leading edge first.

Christo insisted I try looping the kite and demonstrated it for me. He gave me the kite and reminded me to always bring it to 12 o’clock before attempting a loop. It reminded me of my first body drags, which were incredibly fun!  This is really a fun exercise!  I wouldn’t have laughed so hard and had so much fun in light winds if Christo had not been instructing me.

Erin's Advance Kiteboarding Lesson

After  mastering kiteloops with a spin in both directions, Christo asked if I wanted to learn how to jump.  These were all technique only.  I did not attempt any with the board on.  He just wanted me to understand the principles of what the kite was doing.

He explained about holding down the bar all the way to keep power when diving the kite.  Then he showed me to keep the bar down and almost as soon as the kite was diving one way, to turn it with as much force in the other direction, slowly pushing the bar out to keep tension on the lines.  Once the kite reached 12 o’ clock and the bar is out, you can quickly pull down on the bar, which lifts you out of the water.


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