The Team
Kite Club Hatteras instructors are IKO certified.  In fact, we are the only school on the island with IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certification.


Christo at Planet of the Apes

Christo  has been kiteboarding for over nine years. He has ridden and taught in the US (North Carolina and California) – as well as in some great spots around the world, including Bulgaria, Spain, Dominican Republic, Panama, Mexico and Peru – but he will be the first to reassure you that the best wind for kiteboarding is at Cape Hatteras. This is why he started thinking about opening a kiteboarding school on the island as far back as 2008, and has now set up Kite Club Hatteras as an official school in Cape Hatteras. Christo has a proven record of taking students to the best and safest spots on the island and providing them with a complete kiteboarding learning experience, taking beginners from the basics to becoming independent riders. Christo was a self-taught rider and uses his personal learning experience alongside his professional training to decrease your learning curve and increase your fun.


Wendy from Kite Club Hatteras trowing raley


Wendy  Palmer has been riding for over eight years. She is a sponsored rider and has taken part in many competitions, breaking through through this male dominated sport to become one of the premier riders in Cape Hatteras. She loves to bust out the big boy tricks, but still gives it her own feminine flare. Wendy specializes in teaching women and provides a “no fear” experience, helping boost riders’ confidence and to become not only independent riders, but kiting stars. Wendy’s laid back attitude combined with her vast kiting experience make her a great teacher to learn with. She’ll walk you through set-up and have you up on a board and riding in just a few hours.

The Journey
For the last 10 years, I’ve been doing the drive to Cape Hatteras almost every weekend from Washington, DC. The average drive is about 5.5 hours. If you prefer to fly to Hatteras, you can do that too, and it’s relatively cheap. But remember that you will find Hatteras about 2 hours from the closest airport, which is in Norfolk, VA. Once you fly into Norfolk, you will need to rent a car because there are no taxis or any other forms of transportation. I think that’s what makes this place so special — it’s so far from everything, and once there, you are in kiteboarding paradise — completely worth the trip. Like traveling to any kite destination, it’s always good to pack your gear in a “golf” bag to deceive the airlines and avoid any extra charges.