Hydrofoil lessons

Our foilboard lesson with Rust was with 20-25 mph SW wind, on a nice and sunny day in Hatteras. We were using 2015 Cabrinha Switchblade 8m and 2014 Liquid Force foil board. As the hydrofoil board has very little drag we used a kite that is two size smaller for the coditions. Learning how to foilboard is like learning to kiteboard all over again, so in general is better to start on light wind and bigger kite. But that particular day was little bit more windy that we expected so in order to compensate this we were pointing the board downwind in order to gain speed and has smoother pop from the water.  Rust is a very good wave rider so his surfboard skills went in use very soon and he was able to be in full control of the board and manage to start pooping on foil for a little while. Another think too keep in mind is that with the fooilboard the rider needs at least shoulder deep water, so having to navigate Rust into the deep areas of the sound between the shore and the reef we were in  6-7 feet deep water which with the 22+mph wind was creating quite big chop which was used as natural ramp and actually helping with the take off from the water on planning.

Foilboarding LEssojns with Kite Club Hatteras