Windy July in OBX

Wow it looks like Hatty repeats its pattern and we get few years in a roll of great SW for weeks in July.

Jochen and Alejandro
April 28th, 2012

Jochen started his first lesson last year, but we didn’t have a chance to do much due to the weather conditions. But this time starteed with going over the basics such as body dragging and generating power with the kite., and after master the moves we proceed to water start and riding. By the third day both Alejandro and Jochen had steady getting up and riding both directio0ns. We enjoyed  long downwinder rides in the flat shallow water of the Pamlico sound north of Avon where the depth is only 2 feet, and boat rides on the way back with few cold beers 🙂

Ashley and Nick
April 23th, 2012

They re part of the huge group of Mass kiters that show up at the end of April. We great time, lots of wind. Ashley really progressed for the 3 days of lessons with Kite Club Hatteras, and Nick enjoyed the boat support downwinder on the Soundm due to the offshore wind we had to chase him with the boat as he was going away from the shore:) Ashley got lucky at the ruffle at the end of the trip and she won brand new 9m Ocean Rodeo Rise.