Join us this Spring 2017...

Women's Kite Camp

Sunday April 30th – Sunday May 7th, 2017

Progress your skills and kick start your kitesurfing season with our ladies only kite camp focusing on kiteboard progression and healthy living. Sharelaugher, sessions and love of the wind and water with others who are just as passionate about kitesurfing as you are.

Professional Kite Coaching  (3 days of coaching sessions)

We are here to help get you to where you want to be. Be inspired and encouraged by our amazing kitesurfing coaches who will be onsite for organized sessions to support your goals and provide personalized insight and support. Learn what you want at your own pace, from nailing your upwind riding and transitions to jumping, board grabs, back rolls, or unhooked tricks.  Photo and video feedback will be used to aid in your progression too!

* Beginner kiters are welcome! You can still join the camp if you are a beginner or are not quite riding. However you will need to arrange for private instruction.

Meals and Accommodations  

You’ll be sharing a beautiful group house located in the Kite Club Hatteras complex in either a private or shared room. Enjoy energy packed buffet style breakfast and picnic lunches delivered onsite to the kite spots. Three dinners will be included and other nights you may take advantage of the fully equipped kitchen or eat out. We’ll take care of your needs, so you can just relax and recharge.

Additional Discussions/workshops for:

  • Nailing your kite stance riding upwind and downwind
  • Being a confident and independent rider, launching & landing tips
  • Travelling and overcoming “new kite spot” jitters
  • Staying in kiting shape when you’re not kiting

Other activites…

  • Campfires on the beach
  • Wine and cheese tasting
  • Spa night, relaxation and mind-decluterring
  • Stand Up Paddleboarding

* Ask us to arrange a bike rental for the week, it’s a great way to get around town and hop over to the ocean *